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Founder`s Message


About 30 years ago my thoughts shaped a line "A child is an ocean of immense possibilities and it is our noble duty to fish-out pearls for them". Of course, every child possesses unique inherent quality but latent talents not elsewhere found in conjecture. Its utilisation needs alert parental care at home and continuous inspiration, encouragement, environment clubbed with timely redressal of problems at school. As a principal and as a teacher I know teacher's responsibility which is to inculcate moral values, self-realisation, patience, restrain, tolerance and dutifulness to build a sound character, besides academic enhancement, variable excellence and personality development. This must be done consistantly. Therefore, choice of a child must not be rediculed. Its hostilities must be weeded out by psycho counselling. Children are tender, to them cruelty and hurting remarks are shocking. Our aim is to make them good, smart, dynamic, alert, honest, dutiful, dispilined, compassionate and caring. They need us. So do we. In such a situation orignal thoughts and ideas (which are changing face of globe) will come forth like water from a fountain. Efforts should innovative coupled with classical method of learning. Technology and audio-visual devices too should be accomodated to bring out inner potentional of students. Hence, inspiration will be the point of origin. Our students should be versatile and good in math, music and marathon.

                                                    Bhola Nath Singh (Founder)